The Final 100 Hours

Are you anxious about the coming election?

You probably are. You wouldn’t be at this site if you didn’t care deeply about the country and if you weren’t hopeful that we, the people, would return to conservative values and solutions.

Frankly, I hope you’re a little anxious. I hope you’re not like some conservatives who feel that this election is already won. No, it isn’t. Even if conservatives win big – taking control of the U.S. House, for example – that is not enough. We should win bigger than big. We want the results to stun the media and shock liberals still left in office.

As high as expectations are that we will “vote the rascals out,” we can out-perform expectations. But to achieve that, we can’t let up.

Elections are often won or lost in the final days – the weekend, Monday and Tuesday. I prefer to call this the last 100 hours because when you’re this close to an election, you don’t count days; you count hours. Besides, we should include Friday evening.

I’d like to get personal. Instead of imagining yourself as one of many reading this, please read it as something sincerely meant for you. I write it in that spirit.

We need to feel personally responsible for helping conservative campaigns in these 100 hours. If we assume others are doing their duty, so we can shirk ours…that is how candidates lose.

You know the Army slogan, “An army of one.” That’s a good attitude for citizen activists too.

An individual voter can be exceptionally effective in the final days. If you don’t believe that, let me remind you of three recent elections.

In New Jersey, Chris Christie surged at the end of his campaign for governor because of grassroots enthusiasm – individual voters persuading other voters to support him. The same happened in Virginia in Bob McDonnell’s successful campaign for governor. And we saw it happen for Scott Brown in his race to succeed Senator Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts.

Here are 10 reasons you should go out of your way to boost candidates in the final 100 hours.

If we all do it, we’ll win. You can easily start a chain reaction. Keep in mind that it’s not just the 10 people you can easily reach, but the 10 that each of those ten can reach, and in turn the ten each of those 10 can reach…into hundreds and thousands. So start soon, because the earlier you start, the more time you’ll be giving others, later in this chain, a chance to contact others.

If you do it, you’ll feel all the more invested. You will enjoy Election Night all the more.

People will respect you for caring enough to make the effort. Some people feel they should never mention anything political to friends and acquaintances, for fear of offending someone. But, as long as you are tactful, most people are not that emotional about it. They will just view you as principled, informed, and concerned.

It’s a good way to do networking. Whether you email, phone or knock on doors, contacting people to urge their consideration of a candidate is a way to connect with people you haven’t talked with in a while or don’t know at all. It’s a way to win friends, not just influence people.

Less informed voters appreciate getting useful information. Many people are too busy, or just not inclined, to follow the news – let alone do additional research about candidates. So, if you offer a quick fact or insight that explains what the choice is all about, they’re often grateful. They don’t want to go into a voting booth and just guess.

It can help reduce your stress. If you often get upset when you watch or read the news, don’t just complain. Take action. Be constructive. Help elect those who can reduce your stress level.

It’s fun to be part of something bigger. You are one of millions of Americans who want to make a difference. This election is a great opportunity to make an historic difference. So, enjoy! Know you’re part of the conservative movement and that we will prevail.

This can be a creative outlet. Have fun in contacting people and trying to win their support. For example, if you’re emailing others, there are lots of entertaining conservative articles and video links you can share. And with Halloween coming this weekend, perhaps you could give people treats as you warn them of tricks by liberal politicians.

It’s a way to test your ideas. If you sometimes wonder why people think the way they do, or how they might respond to a certain argument or fact…well, this is your opportunity to find out. Learn firsthand how you can better open minds, explain principles, sell ideas, and win support for a candidate. Politics is all about persuasion. And the most effective persuasion is personal – someone speaking with conviction to a friend, neighbor, acquaintance or co-worker.

You won’t have regrets later. I don’t mean to spook you ahead of Halloween, but some elections are lost by just a few votes. Then people are haunted by, “If only I did more…” Don’t let that happen. Work hard the final 100 hours, so we can stop the horror show in Washington.

Liberals are trying to come on strong at the end – escalating their attacks and confusing voters. They hope “voter anger” has turned into voter fatigue. Prove them wrong.

Go to 10millionvoters.com and make a commitment to recruit 10 people to support job-creation candidates. It’s not time for government to grow. It’s time for the American economy to grow.

Please join us.

Joe Gaylord is CEO of American Solutions and author of the book, Campaign Solutions: How challenger candidates maximize Money, Media, Message and Management.  Cross-posted from AmericanSolutions.com.