Fox News Belies Its Motto

 Fox news is beginning to lose me. I was rather proud of the motto, “We Report; You Decide” of my favorite news provider, especially in the early days. Indeed I finally learned the meaning of “looked askance” when folks would drop their chins, cock their heads, and look to the side when I told them where I learned this or that tidbit. These days I catch my own chin dropping.


In choosing items to cover, any news or commentary show makes one particular choice. It decides to tell me, implicitly, what is important. This week I am about fed up with flying donkeys, angry elephants, and an attacking “buffalo”, which is actually a “bison”… I find nothing important in the tears of a starlet over being “forced” to take off her hair falls and false eyelashes. The health problems of this or that celebrity leave me cold. It’s not so much that I find these matters boring before the fourth or fifth time. I just don’t find entertainment to be news. Waiting an hour, it seemed, for an air crash that didn’t happen is tedious. I’ve decided that I don’t have so much time to waste.


This week I’ve run into my irritations face on. Shepherd Smith’s infectious glee over the “problems”, not difficulties, of Mr. Blagojevich is offensive. “Blago” and “Planet Blago” pepper his continuing coverage. Would he care to use similar zippy terms, and we all know many, to describe Mr. Obama or Ms. Clinton, or “Fearless Leader” (for those who remember Rocky and Bullwinkle) from North Korea?


But it was Megyn Kelly just now who prompted this post.. She began an item on former Rep. Tom Tancredo by introducing him by way of his “outlandish opinion” That was in the first sentence. The last was this: “We’ll leave it to our viewers to decide”. Oh really.


We Red-Staters rely on Fox to be fair and balanced and they give us that, mostly. But when they start telling me what is important and what to believe about it I start checking out www.onlinenewspapers.com. It’s good to know what North Korea thinks of us, or Tokyo’s attitude toward whales as opposed to Greenpeace’s, or how the Icelanders feel about the global financial mess.


Megyn just did it again. And folks, I swear I am not making this up. We were just treated to an item on pregnancy fashions, whether people will stop a woman on the street to tell her there is toilet paper dribbling down her backside, and telling, (or not) a male colleague his fly is unzipped… with accompanying giggles from the panel. Well Megyn, and well Roger (Ailes), make up your minds. Either this sort of thing goes, or the motto and I do. There is better material out there and you are all better newsfolks than this.