NASA Hyping Islamic Techiedom is Hokum


This business of NASA doing uplift for Islam on science and math is pure religious and political hokum. The zero was invented by Aryabhata, who was Indian and born 100 years BEFORE Muhammed. The Medes, Persians, Egyptians had astronomy down to a science many hundreds, even thousands, of years before that. The Greeks and Romans were before Islam as well. The Chinese were handing out marihuana for menstrual cramps 3000 years ago. And if quantum physicists and cosmologists bothered, it would be clear that Moses beat Heisenberg, Einstein and the rest to quanta, uncertainty and the big bang by at least 2500 years. So for what are we to credit Islam? Well if we do credit them for something then I suppose NASA should credit the Wehrmacht, which mostly invented rocketry, for Pythagoras having started the geometry that makes guidance possible. That is equally silly. But the Wehrmacht had Greece at the time and Islam claims the fertile crescent now.