The New Dope Peddlers

The New Dope Peddlers

In the 1960s, while my fellow students grew wistful with Simon and Garfunkel, reveled in one-hit wonder protest songs, and smirked at obscure lyrics of free sex with everyone from Janis Joplin to the Beach Boys, I was learning the American sense of humor and perspective anywhere I could find it.  One of my favorite songs was “The Old Dope Peddler” by Tom Lehrer.  I quote some of the lyrics here:

He gives the kids free samples

Because he knows full well

That today’s young innocent faces

Will be tomorrow’s clientele.

The Obama movement convinces me that Democrats heard something very different from me in that 60’s song.  They chose to become the largest conspiracy of pushers in history, to create the fascism which lonely Ayn Rand was then predicting,.  They want to hook us on political drugs, fulfilling the fears of de Tocqueville and many others down the years.  They claim that only they can provide us with the goods and services we want and covet when we see them in the hands of others.  We must merely tolerate their thefts, violations and ignoring of laws, perversions of opinions into fact, and fiat corruptions of our Constitution and worse still our sovereignty.  They never tell us that the price is to behave as addicts always do towards their pushers.  We must patronize them both in attitude and action, vote unquestioningly for them and their proposals, and condemn those who would cure us of our addictions, those we have and those that tempt us.  Lately the pushers are teaching us, by example, to hate those who would save us from the gutter.

As we red folks work for the future, we must use easily understood contexts that can not be twisted by the wordsmith children and grandchildren of the 1960s.  One way is to focus on our increasing national addictions and name the pushers for what they are… in all specific crudeness.  Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi sell different drugs on different streetcorners.  Name the pushers, drugs, addicts and streetcorners.  The pushers are not the kindly altruists they claim to be.  They themselves sacrifice nothing as they work to gain power over us.  They want us to destroy whatever is civil in our society to stay high as long as we can, to gratify their needs and wants, not our own or those of America.

I will take no free samples from political pushers.  They will give us what may be one hell of a pleasant jolt just long enough to hook us.  They have no intention or economic ability to continue our high.  They say so clearly if you look and listen carefully.  They expect, in our drugged political fog, that they will convince us to let them steal to prolong the buzz until they create an America which looks, not like Sweden, but Mussolini’s Italy or something worse.  They want a world in where they get the lockstep salutes.  I will be no addict!  Those who want us to grant them a blank check to pay for all their free samples with our own money are con men and women as well as pushers.  They are the “enemies… domestic” of all honest Americans, red AND blue.

Thanks Tom.  I can spot all kinds of pushers now.