The Fight against Terror never ends, but we won two this week

The United States Parole Commission on Tuesday, May 10 rejected FALN leader Oscar Lopez’s Petition for Reconsideration. All of our efforts paid off and as a result, this unrepentant terrorist will remain in prison for at least 12 more years. Thank you for standing with us, the families and victims, for what is right.


As we were digesting the relief of the Commission’s decision, we also learned that FBI agents arrested Norberto Gonzalez-Claudio in Puerto Rico. Gonzalez, a fugitive from justice since the mid 1980s, is believed to have been a member of the FALN’s sister terrorist group, Los Macheteros and had been charged with the participating in the infamous 1983 Wells Fargo armed robbery in Connecticut. Gonzalez faces up to 275 years in prison.


Finally, on Wednesday morning we learned more about this “poet” Common who performed at the White House Wednesday night. We now know of his ode to convicted NJ state police killer, fugitive Joanne Chesimard (A Song for Assata).

Chesimard, now Assata Shakur, has been a guest of Castro’s Cuba along with other convicted terrorists including FALN bomb maker William Morales and suspected Gonzalez accomplice Victor Gerena. Morales like Chesimard, was arrested, convicted, escaped from US prison and is now a guest of Cuba. http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/NJ-State-Police-Outraged-Over-Rapper-Invited-to-White-House-121596869.html



We often think of the fight against radicals and terrorists as having begun on September 11, 2001. Truth is, it’s been going on for generations. This week’s events remind us that unfortunately the fight never seems to end. There were terrorists before Bin Laden and there will be more now that he is gone.

It’s a lifetime battle my family has fought for 36 years. Thank you all for standing with us.