Trump is bringing the heat

It’s easy to see why Donald Trump has gained traction. Trump is bringing the heat.

April has brought in a new baseball season and a new political reality. It’s called, in baseball terms, “bringing the heat.” It’s a pitcher throwing hard, going right after his opponent, no pretence, just being fearless and not afraid to make a mistake.

Those hard throwers in baseball have honesty to them. It’s an attitude of, “here’s what I got, now hit it.” Americans are starving for that honest attitude from our leaders.

Americans gravitate to that type; a fearless hard throwing pitcher who dominates his opponents and that’s what Trump is looking like.

Trump is Nolan Ryan, Bob Feller, Bob Gibson and Sandy Koufax among nibbling curveballers, change up artists and yes even, screwballers in the GOP like Boehner, Huckabee, and Ron Paul.

Like some power pitchers, if he does run for president Trump, will likely prove too wild to win it all. (Philly fans will remember Wild Thing Mitch Williams.) So what power pitcher is going to step up, take the ball in the 9th inning and close this thing out against Obama and his liberal lineup? Romney? Gingrich? Pawlenty? Palin? Bachmann?

Unless Governor Christie joins the team, that power pitcher may even throw like a girl.