Dad, 35 years after your murder you are part of change we really can believe in

Dear Dad,

Its been 10 months since I’ve written and we Americans seem to have finally woken up.

At the end of 2009, incredibly, we elected a republican governor in your adopted home state of New Jersey and this week has been even better.

The people of Massachusetts staggered the Obama Nation. On Tuesday they vented everyman’s rejection of Obama and the democrats radical social agenda by electing a republican to the senate in the seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy. Socialized health care is dead.

The US Supreme Court returned a ringing endorsement of First Amendment Rights.

Yesterday dad, only 3 days short of the 35th anniversary of your murder, Hillary, the Movie, (the movie you and I were in to call out the Clintons on releasing the unrepentant FALN terrorists who proudly claimed responsibility for your murder) won its case before the Court. This decision is a landmark endorsement of First Amendment rights whereby among other things, corporations and unions can spend their own money as the see fit for political ads. Imagine that, freedom to spend your money without a government agency dictating to you! What a concept.

I think you are as proud to be part of it as I am. Thanks to Dave Bossie, Alan Peterson, Ted Olson and all of Citizens United.

Link to Hillary movie, Frank Connor’s is the last story



So dad, there is hope for us after all.

As I said in my March 20, 2009 letter, “you and mom did not raise quitters. With your strength and the strength of all the other great Americans who have come before us, we will fight on with the American spirit and ultimately bring the American Dream back from this nightmare.”

Looks like we are getting there; waking up from this nightmare… and sooner than we thought.

Love ya,