Great news last night but what does this say to our enemies?

Congratulations to the people of Massachusetts and Scott Brown for a great victory over the arrogant, tone deaf liberals.

The people have spoken and severely damaged this already weakened presidency. On the domestic front we should celebrate this as a triumph of our republic.

But a severely wounded, ineffective presidency makes our country look weak and vulnerable to our enemies. As we know, this enemy views weakness with contempt and may provide the motivation to hit while they perceive us as down.

As Americans we cannot bask in this victory, but must use our re found “power of the people” in pushing our representatives, Obama and Eric Holder’s Justice Department to reestablish the Bush security measures (including proven interrogation techniques and keeping Gitmo open) and regain the offensive on the War on Terror.

If not, this victory may be as hollow as the hole where the WTC once stood.