We don't like it either but you are the President

“She’s got your back: her opponent’s got Wall Street’s back.”

With those words the President of the United States attempts to disparage the United State’s financial services sector, one of the last great industries of this great country of ours. In his twisted thinking, tearing down some of our greatest institutions will elevate a sinking senatorial candidate in Massachusetts and raise the Titanic that is his presidency.

This one simple line is so twisted and yet so revealing of the way he thinks.

Maybe he does not understand that he not some backwater state congressman anymore or some agitant community organizer who gains power by tearing down our country. As much as it pains to say it, Barack Obama is the President of the United States which includes not only all that is bad about our country (which he likes to talk about) but all that is great. Our financial services industry is second to none in the world and should be set by our President as an example of American genius and ingenuity. Instead he portrays it as an evil.

It is astounding that an American President would demonize an institution that has helped bring unimaginable wealth and prosperity to our great country. Indeed, who does Mr. Obama think works on “Wall Street?” Americans Mr. President. You are destroying the hard working, successful Americans on Wall Street in the belief that it will gain votes for your agenda. That is unimaginable for a US President.

Like it our not, you Mr. Obama are the President of the United States. This is what you wanted. It’s about time you acted like it.

But then again, judging from what way well happen in Mass this week, with Scott Brown leading Martha Coakley, thankfully, your presidency may be coming, at least politically, to an end.

As the ex NBA star Micheal Ray Richardson so eloquently put it about the Knicks, “Ship be sinking. How low can it go? The sky’s the limit.”

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