Eric the Red plays Russian Roulette with our safety yet again

It’s gambling but (in the spirit of tonight’s championship game) it ain’t exactly Texas Hold(er) ’em. To quote the Grateful Dead it’s more like “Alabama Getaway.”

What it is exactly is AG Eric Holder once again playing Russian roulette with the American people.

By championing the clemency for and release of 16 committed, unrepentant FALN terrorists for the Clintons in 1999, Holder gambled with the safety of the American people whose protection he was sworn to defend.

I warned of this in testimony against Holder at his senate confirmation hearings last January so it should surprise no one that he has done it again; this time by planning the closing of Gitmo, recent release of terrorists back to the Middle East, civilian trials for enemy combatants and most recently for bestowing on the would be panty bomber US rights.

Like all unconscionable gamblers, Holder is bound to lose.

The criminal part is that his loss will not be his own but will be measured in lives taken from our fellow citizens.

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