A specter of a leader

I have been a direct recipient of Arlen Specter’s treachery and dishonesty.

As the lead Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Specter invited me to testify against the confirmation of Attorney General Eric Holder– then revealed his treachery by proceeding to vote for Holder despite several damning statements by President Obama’s nominee (including Holder’s own admission that he RECOMMENDED the release of FALN terrorists) and obvious lies (including his claim that no FALN members pardoned had committed violent acts–and also stating that he was unaware that two members offered clemency were caught on videotape making bombs).

Given Senator Specter’s actions, I cannot say I am surprised by his defection to the Democrat party.

What I can say, is if not for the damage he is doing to our country, I would feel sorry for him. After the first day of Holder’s testimony, I met with Specter in the halls of the Capitol. Despite his lucidity while questioning witnesses that day, what I encountered as just the two of us spoke was a confused, fragile man who sadly resembled a dog chasing his tail while trying to get his arm in the sleeve of his coat that cold evening in January.

It seems to me Specter continues to spin in circles, having no principles to ground nor guide him but just knowing his destination is right were he is; in the Senate, no matter what he has to do to stay there.

He would be worthy of our pity if he was not so dangerous.