Hold on Gitmo

According to published reports, Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder plans on flat out releasing Gitmo held terrorists into the United States.

Said Holder, “For those who are in that second category (after the administration’s case by case review), who can be released, there are a variety of options that we have. Among them is the possibility that we could release them into this country.”


Don’t be surprised when Holder recommends releasing terrorists into the United States. 


After all, he’s done it before.


When faced with a similar situation as President Clinton’s Deputy, Attorney General in 1999, Holder proactively, almost zealously, recommended clemency for 16 unrepentant terrorists of the Puerto Rican, Armed Forces for National Liberation (FALN).  These terrorists claimed responsibility for over 130 bombings in the US including the infamous lunchtime bombing of historic Fraunces Tavern on January 24, 1975 that murdered 4 including my 33 year old father, Frank Connor.

That’s why I testified against Holder at (as it turned out) the farcical Senate Judiciary Confirmation Hearings in January.  At the hearings, Holder famously deemed releasing committed terrorists, “reasonable.”


Against the advice of the FBI, Bureau of Prisons, the previous Pardon Attorney, Margaret Love (who was fired by Holder), prosecutors and without conferring with victims or their families (but having conferred with terror supporters) he recommended the release of the unrepentant FALN. The 16 did not even request clemency but had it thrust on them by Holder and the Clintons. After an outrageous month during which they were allowed deliberation, 14 notorious terrorists walked free while tellingly 2 terrorists were so committed to their cause that they rejected freedom.


As a 9/11 family member, eye witness to the 9/11horrors and having already been directly impacted by Holder’s support of terrorists and indifference to their victims, Holder’s conduct is particularly chilling.


On 9/11 2001, I commuted through the World Trade Center with my brother as we did every day.  From the 36th floor of my office at 60 Wall St, I watched the great towers explode in horrific fireballs as people leapt or fell to their deaths. We lost our cousin and our father’s godson, Steve Schlag (41), husband, son and father of 3 that day. Steve worked on the 104th floor of the North Tower. He was killed right in front of our eyes, only blocks from where his beloved god father was also murdered by terrorists.


Like the Islamic terrorists, the FALN terrorists showed no remorse and nothing but contempt for US officials. Among other things, they refused to recognize the United States’ jurisdiction over them and threatened to kill the judge at sentencing.


While Holder has refused to release documents which may provide more evidence of his reasons, the record and his own testimony show he championed, actively pushing the release of these terrorists. It is also clear that the Clinton family believed their release would benefit Al Gore’s 2000 run for president and Hillary Clinton’s run for the NY senate seat. The Clintons and Holder came together in an unholy alliance where the characterless Holder actively gave President Clinton the positive recommendation he desired to justify the terrorists’ release; a release Holder, still a friend to terrorists today (having proclaimed the evils of Gitmo and interrogation techniques that have saved American lives), deemed “reasonable” at his confirmation hearing!


His exhibited lack of strength, beliefs and character make his recent comments about Americans being “cowards when it comes to race” even more bizarre and hypocritical.


It is now very clear that Holder will provide cover to Obama as he did for Clinton. Holder will undermine our safety by allowing Gitmo to close, outright releasing many terrorists into the US, trying others in US courts like common criminals where some will once again be unleashed on our people.


Terrorists worldwide will be or already have been emboldened.  As usual families like ours will be left to face the consequences.


We pray that Holder and Obama ultimately will honor their sworn oaths and will do what is right; defend our country and its citizens by keeping these killers in prison. 


We pray they do what is right, but like the terrorists at Gitmo, I won’t be holding my breath.