Tax Filing Season for Illegal Aliens

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The 2010 American tax season has begun.  The earliest filers expect refunds.  With W-2s, names and ID for the children, taxpayers are eager to reclaim money withheld from wages all year.

But, did you know the illegal population of America is filing too?

Our tax code allows illegal aliens to file tax returns if they earned money in the United States.The incentive to file is not compliance with the law.Illegals have already demonstrated that complying with the law is not their concern.No, the real incentive is to claim tax credits – money.

The IRS hands out this money on behalf of the American people.  It is intended to help parents, particularly low income parents.Illegal aliens qualify too.

An example: A adult with children, illegally living and working in the United States, can claim a $1000 tax credit for each child.It is called the Child Tax Credit.Or, for especially low income families, it is the Additional Child Tax Credit and is paid to the claimant even if no income tax is due.A refundable credit, it comes back to the claimant in the form of a US Treasury check.

A family – who owes no tax – will receive a check from our government in the amount of $1000 per child.Legal or not.One child, $1000.Two children, $2000.Three children, $3000.

How do they do this?To obtain employment, illegal aliens might use (or buy) a Social Security Number.Their annual W-2 is issued in that SSN.But, the SSN probably won’t mean a successful tax return because someone might have filed using the number.IRS computers keep track of which SSNs have been filed, then reject subsequent tax returns using that same number.

So what do the illegals do?People who are not eligible for their own SSN are eligible for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number – ITIN.Illegals can file their tax return using this ITIN and claim those precious tax credits.

Money out the door.And US tax companies are happy to be paid to help them do it.