Will Olbermann's head swell up and pop like a tick?

Not that anybody would notice much, although the collective IQ of America might show a little bump. Normally I would not re-broadcast something already up at RedState, but those dog-gone RedHots don’t allow comments. And this is too funny to not comment on.

So, with apologies to Moe Lane, I re-offer this [via Ace of Spades HQ]:

I want another muffin!

For those not clued in, Joe is doing a Keith Olbermann caricature. That poor gal next to him was absolutely aghast. If I actually watched MSLSD, I might know who she is, but sorry, I don’t. Olby is the Commie network’s banner-carrying yee-hah, and Joe is the token conservative. If it is possible to be more vain and thin-skinned than Obama, Olby is.

So this should make for some fun times in the company cafe.