Obama Dithered, Troops Died

The lead story today at FoxNews.com:  Frustration Grows as Obama Seeks Afghanistan Strategy . It’s not really the details of the story that count.  I’m tired of Obama details on pretty much every subject imaginable.  It’s the message implicit in the title.

I humbly submit a couple of questions for The One:

  1. How many military engagements, wars, battles, or even kerfluffles do you have personal experience with?  Even a fistfight in the 5th grade might count here.
  2. How about the same question for your advisors?
  3. Did you or did you not promise to prosecute this war aggressively while you were campaigning for the job you now have?  You know, Iraq = bad war, Afghanistan = good war, if I recall your words.
  4. Did you or did you not announce that a new strategy was now in place for prosecuting said war in March?
  5. What happened to that strategy?
  6. While you are “seeking a strategy” and  following your desire to “get it right”, did it occur to you to seek input (or perhaps even LISTEN to input) from the commanders who are currently engaging the war? 
  7. Do you know how many soldiers died while you were flying to Denmark and back to pimp Chicago for the 2016 Olympics?
  8. Do you know how many soldiers died while you were planning, rehearsing, then pitching your nationalized health-care plan to all 5 morning talk shows on one Sunday?
  9. Have you looked into the eyes of a parent or wife of a soldier, even one,  who has died while you’re “seeking a strategy” and explained to them what the mission is, if any, that their son/husband died for?

Just curious as to whether you have a clue in your head what it means to be the President of the United States. 

Just curious as to whether you know why we lost Viet Nam, and how many young men died there. 

Just curious as to when you’ll step out of the way and let the leaders lead.