At The Moment Of Decision, Character Counts

Went and voted this morning with my wife and my youngest son. The two older ones were already at school. The scene was not that unusual, except for the number of cars at the polling place. I’m in a Pennsylvania college town, so there were plenty of Obama people outside the polling place but no McCain people. That’s a pity, maybe I should have taken the day off and done a lonely vigil. It’s not like I haven’t pulled sentry duty before. I was voter 182 in our precinct of 800. I waited in line for about twenty minutes. It was no big deal. The poll workers were already commenting about how heavy the turnout was, but everything went orderly and by the book. Just like I planned, I voted for McCain. My youngest giggled when I pressed the “VOTE” button. He was surprised how easy it is to vote. I told him he could tell all his friends at school that he went into a real voting booth during a real election. He was psyched about that. He walked a little straighter and held his head high. My wife was a Hillary supporter in the democratic primaries. She hadn’t made up her mind up until she was in the booth. She couldn’t decide who she liked better. In the end she chose to trust the pilot, she voted for McCain.