Mock Election At My Sons' Schools

Well all of the schools that my sons go to held mock presidential elections today. I’ve one son in elementary, one son in middle school and one son in high school. In the middle school it was 2 to 1 in favor of Obama, and in the High School it was 3 to 2 in Obama’s favor. In the elementary school contest the vote was 147 McCain 146 Obama. There is something weird about that spread between the schools. Perhaps it shows the difference between the influence of parents or teachers for each age group, or it shows how teens are more motivated by emotion or need for inclusive fitness, or it may mean nothing at all. My youngest voted for McCain, when I asked him why, he said he thinks McCain would spend government money wisely and not waste it. He also thought that Obama would spend too much (government) money and that would force economy into a recession. When asked what a recession is, his answer was “That’s when people dont have any money, and a lot of people dont have jobs” It is really disconcerting to hear this from a nine year-old fourth grader. His reasoning may be off a bit, but his concerns are way ahead of his years. In contrast, his two older brothers both voted for Obama. When I asked why they chose Obama, both answered with with a variation of “Obama is just better”. When pressed on this point neither could give a detailed or reasoned answer. All three of them are quite bright, but I’m a bit surprised the two older ones are seemingly smitten with Obama. I’m hoping that more people here in Pennsylvania vote based on reasoned assessment of the candidate’s intentions, their record and character, than vote based on emotional appeal and desire for inclusive fitness among the hip crowd. Make of this what you will.