Joe and Bernie's Private Phone Chat Exposed...

I have no idea how or why it ended up in my inbox, but I have for whatever reason just received a transcript of a private phone conversation between leading presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

Call me a conspiracy nut but I think they might be colluding to see how far they can move the Democrat Party to the left in order to win the 2020 Election.

The following has not been edited by me.  I promise…This is the actual conversation:

JOE: “Hello, Bernie?
BERNIE: “Yes, who’s this?”
JOE: “It’s me, Joe.”
BERNIE: “Oh, yeah, uh, hi Joe.”
JOE: “Hi Bernie.”
BERNIE: “Whaddya want, Joe?”
JOE: “Well, I just wanted to call…and let you know I’m running.”
BERNIE: “I know that Joe.”
JOE: “Yeah I assumed…look, Bernie. I just think the country needs me. It’s my time.”
BERNIE: “Well, actually, Joe, the country needs me. And it is actually my time.”
JOE: “I disagree, Bernie.”
BERNIE, “Obviously, Joe, otherwise you wouldn’t be running.”

BERNIE: “Uh, listen, Joe, the country wants me and needs me because, well, I support Medicare for all.”

JOE: “Well, I support weddings for all.

BERNIE: “I support reparations for Black slavery, Joe.”

JOE: “Well, I might support reparations for America’s imperialism.”

BERNIE: “I support letting prison inmates vote!”

JOE: “Well, I support letting female prison inmates escape.”

BERNIE “Fine, Joe. But I support confiscating guns!”

JOE: “Well, I support confiscating bras, from girls, obviously.”

BERNIE: “I support late-term abortions!”

JOE: “Well, I support late-term gender reassignment.”

BERNIE: “Ok…I support banning oil and natural gas!”

JOE: “Well, I support mandating lavender oil and laughing gas.”

BERNIE: “Geez, Joe, I support open borders for all foreign refugees!”

JOE: “Well, I support open mic night for sorority girls.”

BERNIE: “And I support free college education for all!”

JOE: “Well, I support free margaritas for all, only girls obviously.”

BERNIE: “Whatever, Joe. I support 16-year-olds voting!”

JOE: “Well, I support 16-year-olds kissing, but only girls obviously.”

BERNIE: “That’s disgusting, Joe. I support equal pay for equal work!”

JOE: “Well, I support secret pay for zero work.”

BERNIE: “For God’s sake, Joe. I support a living wage and more affordable housing!”

JOE: “Well, I support hair smelling and groping, of girls obviously.”

BERNIE: “That’s disgusting, Joe. I support more public transportation.”

JOE: “Well, I support public shows of affection, for girls obviously.”

BERNIE: “I support more homeless shelters!”

JOE: “Well, I support more shelters too, for girls obviously.”

PUTINKhorosho, vy, idioty, vy zakonchili? Mozhem li my vernut’sya k razgovoru o tom, kak ya mogu pomoch’ odnomu iz vas, pridurkov, pobedit’, chtoby u menya nakonets poyavilas’ Amerika, kotoraya ne proizvodit neft’ i gaz, kak v staryye dobryye vremena?
(TRANSLATION): Ok you idiots, are you done? Can we get back to talking about how I can help one of you morons win so I can have an America that doesn’t produce oil and natural gas, just like during the good old days?

BERNIE/JOE: “How did he get on the phone? Are they tapping our phones?!? Hang up, Bernie! You hang up Joe!