Where Is the Bounty on The Mitt Romney Sex Scandal?

The ObamaRomneyCare campaign has put a bounty on further scandalizing Speaker Gingrich in a series of cheap scandals by offering a bounty of $1.6m for a dpcument dump. From mittromney.com:

Newt Gingrich’s Freddie Mac contract raises more questions than answers. His secrecy about his lobbying for Freddie Mac is troubling. No amount of bluster will hide the fact that Newt had his hand in Freddie Mac to the tune of $25,000 a month.

In other words, RomneyCare is offering to invite the same kind of forgeries that the previous liberal from Massachusettes to run for President, John Kerry, tried to foist on President Bush about his service record, but he’s only willing to spend a few weeks’ salary on it.  Zales would be disappointed. And his accusation of $25,000 is, according to his own view of income, is a rounding error to begin with. Why so upset now?

So, I’m wondering: where’s the bounty on Magic Underwear RomeyCare’s sex scandal. Is he really that squeaky clean? If so, won’t a $1.6m bounty invite someone to just make something up, as he’s trying to do with Speaker Gingrich? Obviously, RomneyCare went to great lengths to bring this campaign into the sewer in a failed attempt to avoid defeat in South Carolina. Live by the sword, die by the sword.