PATHETIC: NRSC Attempts to Take Credit Away from Grassroots for Brown Surge in MA

From the diaries . . .

How sad. Apparently, without the help of NRSC’s crack campaign team, Scott Brown may never have had a chance at victory today. It wasn’t the tea parties, or the grassroots anger at Washington, or Scott Brown’s courage to stand against Obamacare in the bluest of states… No, it was the GOP establishment in Washington that “quietly” engineered this win. You read that right, the same political geniuses that chose Specter over Toomey and Crist over Rubio, are saying Brown couldn’t have done it without them.

Let’s get serious. Here’s a reality check for the NRSC and their desperate attempt to take credit for the people’s uprising in Massachusetts.

  1. The claim that NRSC’s money is pushing Brown to victory is ludicrous. NRSC’s $500,000 cash infusion in Massachusetts is HALF of what the NRCC spent to elect Dede Scozzafava. And the DSCC has spent 5 TIMES as much trying to elect Coakley. In fact, Scott Brown raised twice more cash on his own through grassroots online donations in a single day. And he did that over and over for an entire week.
  2. Scott Brown ran against Washington, NRSC, and the party establishment. A centerpiece of Brown’s campaign is that he didn’t need the help of DC elites to win. In fact, he said over and over that he wasn’t part of the GOP establishment and didn’t want to be. I don’t need an establishment to prop me up.”
  3. Scott Brown ran on conservative, tea party issues, he did not have to run a Specter-Crist Democrat-lite campaign. John Cornyn and DC Republicans keep telling us that conservative policies can’t win in states like Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Florida. Scott Brown may not be a Mike Pence conservative down the line, but he ran his entire campaign on conservative issues. Just read his issues page on his website. It’s tea party, conservative issues: against government takeover of health care, for tax cuts, eliminate wasteful spending, charter schools. He’s against cap & trade, for nuclear energy. Against amnesty. He’s to the right of Mike Castle and Mark Kirk on these issues, people the NRSC told us we must back to win in blue states. But in the bluest of states, the tea party, conservative issues look like they could win the day.

The real credit for a possible Brown victory today goes to thousands and thousands of everyday Americans in Massachusetts and across the country who have had it with Washington’s spending and takeovers, people that donated money and volunteered to help on the ground. The NRSC making a last-minute attempt to claim credit because they sent some checks in the last week, money that was a drop in the bucket compared to what the grassroots gave Brown, is laughable and pathetic. This was anything but a party effort. This was an uprising by the people, and a movement that will continue all across this country. And the people will do it without the permission of Washington GOP elites, thank you very much.

P.S. I guess we should thank the NRSC for one thing: staying quiet. They seem to know that the DC GOP brand is in the toilet and vocally attempting to help Brown would have been a disaster. Thanks for staying out of the way Mr. Cornyn. But stop trying to claim the people’s victory as a win for the establishment.