Pro-Obama or Pro-America?

“Thanks for sharing, but unfortunately, my husband and I are PRO-Obama…” This is the reply from a friend of mine, who received my previous email about Barack Obama. Her phrasing was extremely polite, even though my email was just a tiny bit (okay a lot) sarcastic. Even so, I thought, her choice of words rather odd.

Then, I thought about my personal convictions. I have to admit although I’m not pro-Obama, I’m not pro-McCain either. What best describes me is that I’m pro-America. I’m a realist and I always vote for the person who I believe will do the least amount of damage in the White House.

This time out Barack Obama and Joe Biden have a socialist agenda. They have cloaked their intentions to a disappointed America under the cover of “change we can believe in” and “not more of the same.” I’m the first to agree we need change in America. There’s a lot that needs fixing in our present system and the last eight years have been a bitter disappointment. Even with our problems, socialism is not the answer. Obama’s change (called promises, investments, and government assist) is socialism at it’s core.

Obama promises government control from the cradle (government daycare) to the grave (government healthcare). Of course, everything in the middle is to be controlled by government as well: from our present schooling (the 12 years the government has control of our kids), plus a new guarantee of college paid for by government, either full scholarships or payment for volunteerism (isn’t payment for volunteerism an oxymoron?). Of course, the Democrats are promising government subsidizing of housing, a government promise that you will have a job (they’ll even train you, if needed), and a government guarantee for a minimum living wage.

What more could we ask for? The government will now take care of ALL our needs. We need change, but the change Obama is promising will cost more than the change in our pockets. Someone has to pay for all these investments. And that someone is you and me.

Get ready to empty your wallet, because your change won’t be enough. Oh, they say, “Only the rich will pay for these investments.” Don’t be fooled, the rich will find loopholes to avoid greater taxes or they will divert their money elsewhere or they will simply stop growing their business because government will get too much of it.

Our country is built upon the small businessman and woman. The Democrat’s scheme (despite their claims) will tax small business as well as large industry. Many businesses may be forced to close their doors, unable to pay higher minimum wages and more taxes. Even if I’m wrong in this assessment, ultimately the cost of our new investments will be passed on to the average Joe (or Joann) through the products and services we purchase.

During the next few weeks, when you hear “investments”, “government assist”, and “change we can believe in” don’t be deceived by their flowery rhetoric. They are talking about not only empting our wallets, but fundamentally changing our self-governing democratic system into a socialist one. It’s a sobering thought, it wasn’t that long ago, Germany and Cuba voted for change and got more change than they bargained for.

“Thanks for sharing; but UNFORTUNATLY; my husband and I are PRO-Obama…” Unfortunately, my friends PRO-Obama vote is a vote for socialism over the American ideal. No matter how much I would like to see change, I’m not ready for socialism in America, so I guess for this election that makes me PRO-McCain.

To read the email I sent my friend, go to http://denver.yourhub.com/Parker/Stories/Elections/Story~519135.aspx