Lining up the Ice Floes


This eighty year old I see in my mirror every morning is becoming extremely anxious about the looming possibility of opening my eyes one day in an emergency room and hearing them say “Let her go”.  I am not cost efficient.  I don’t know where they will cut off the efforts to save me. Will it be before the ambulance is dispatched?  When does the order go out to the Obama Office of Putting Seniors Down (as they do with dogs and horses) so they can prepare my ice floe?

This looming possibility was discussed recently on MSNBC (the Obama Channel), and Joe Scarborough agreed that if your granny is 90 years old, costly procedures should not be considered when we have all those poor children suffering in emergency rooms. (Whatever happened to that SCHIP program?)

What was really alarming this morning was hearing our precedent- setting leader referring to religion as an ideology which will no longer be allowed to counteract the findings of scientists concerning the beginning of life and at what point life should be terminated. This is when the unthinkable becomes the norm, as a Catholic priest so well expressed it on a recent television program.  This is also when our values have been replaced by something new which is now known as “conventional wisdom”.

Jesus has now been downgraded to being the founder of an ideology, rather than the Christian religion. At least I guess we can take comfort in saying that his status is one step above being the leader of a cult. I hate to think of what might happen to those who claim that Islam is an ideology and not a religion.  That would not be politically correct and would be racist speech.

Do you think the Christians might start rioting in the streets over this?  I think not.  If we go the way we have been going, this shift in our terminology will be completely ignored.