When the Going Gets Tough, John McCain Gets Going, When the Going Gets Tough, Barack Obama is GONE

John McCain’s first reaction to the economic crisis was to go back to Washington and get involved in the discussions and decisions. The news media was critical because John McCain did a lot of listening. The best decision makers are those who are good listeners and gather all the facts and understand all the positions and perspectives before formulating a solution, albeit in many cases, not a perfect solution.

Barack Obama’s first instinct was to stay on the campaign trail and let someone else handle the problem. Why? To avoid taking any responsibility for the decision if it is proven wrong with 20/20 hindsight. Here is a man that Americans beleive, according to the polls, would have better solutions for the economy than John McCain. I don’t get it. Barack Obama would not vote on legislation in Illinois when controversial, and instead would vote present. If this man is afraid to take a position and make decisions, how is he going to function as a President?

John McCain needs to hit back harder on the Democratic Party and Barack Obama contributions to this economic crisis. He needs to emphasize that the House of Representatives was able to pass legislation to crack down on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over the objections of Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank. He also needs to communicate to the American people that while he, and the Republican Party, do favor less regulation in general, that it was the Republican Party who recognized the high risk business practices at Fannie and Freddie and were proposing legislation to curtail their activities. He also needs to make clear who was responsible for the failure of the Senate to follow the House of Representatives lead in that Senate committee.

John McCain is the right man at the right time for President. And I’m really tired of Barack Obama “Sucker Punching” the middle class to get their votes by mentioning the middle class 10-12 times in the first debate but crafting a tax plan that throws a few peanuts to the middle class while eliminating taxes completely and giving additional thousands, not hundreds, of dollars to the lower class at the expense of giving the middle class a meaningful tax break. I bet that middle class voters would reconsider their selection for President if they fully understood the deception Barack Obama is portraying to them with respect to his tax plan.