The Barack Obama Tax Plan

**Barack Obama is deceiving the Middle Class with respect to the benefits of his tax plan. About 4 weeks ago the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric did a comparison of John McCain and Barack Obama’s tax plans. Three families from Ohio were selected. The first made $32,000 with two children. The second made $64,000 with two children. And, the third made around $220,000 with three children, if I recall correctly. Under Barack Obama’s tax plan not only would the family that made $32,000 pay no federal taxes, they would get a check for an additional $2200. The family that made $64,000 would get an additional $228 from John McCain’s plan and an additional $500 from Barack Obama’s plan. And contrary to Barack Obama’s statements that if you make under $250,000 a year your taxes would not increase, the last family saw a substantial tax increase. The work was done independently by a CPA for CBS.

CBS interviewed the three families and the lower class family was certainly pleased, while the upper class family wasn’t, but the story here is about the middle class family. They felt that once again the middle class was forgotten. The amount of tax decrease for them, whether $228 or $500 was pretty meaningless.

John McCain did not mention the middle class much in the debate while Barack Obama made a point of mentioning the middle class 10-12 times. In doing so Barack Obama appears to be championing the causes of the middle class. In reality, Barack Obama is taking the tax proceeds from wealthier tax payers and dropping a few peanuts to the middle class on his journey to giving a disproportionate amount to the lower class. In the debate I didn’t hear Barack Obama mention the lower class when talking about the tax benefits of his plan. Barack Obama is sucker punching the middle class in this country to get their votes, period. John McCain might not be doing a lot either, but at least he is honest and doesn’t try to deceive Americans.