Withering On The Vine

The print news business, particularly newspapers, is dying.

In the article:

P-I’s closure in Seattle would reflect U.S. trend

The likely demise of a daily newspaper in Seattle raises more questions about the survivability of two competing newspapers in U.S. metropolitan areas.

It gets into the fact that there are many cities and towns in the country that were once two newspaper towns and cities.  Of this there is no doubt.  It also talks about the economic downturn helping to lead to this.  It says that it is hard for one city or town to have two newspapers.

What it does not address is the fact that the print news industry has been dying for years and the reason is that the particular newspapers have not been reporting hard hitting news stories but theu have been, in most cases, trying to make the news.  These papers have, for years, been run by liberals whch have been the news arms of the local and national democratic party.  When there have been major questions about certain candidates, they have not asked such questions.

One great example is the fact the most newspapers refused to report on the nefariousness of President-Elect Obama’s personal associations.   This is a main reason why some of the people refused to look at, let’s say, Jeremiah Wright, and say that he is to radical for me.

It is as it has been said, by many people, “the death of journalism as we know it.”  It won’t get any better unless the gets an infusion of people that really want to do their jobs and ask the tough questions on both sides of the issues.