The Motivations And Moxy of Union TEA (the Tea Party)

By Jerad McHenry

This is what democracy looks like.  Is that trite by now, or when invoked by the political right still dead on?  Or of course, the most accurate among us will point out that we are a representative republic.

A crowd with little elbow room dedicated a Saturday afternoon to patriotism.  Few people would be so crazy to stand in the middle of a snow storm among unfriendly union agitators as the way to kick off the weekend, yet mobilizing, inspiring, and educating each other, so that we may never be blindsided by an Obama presidency or hoodwinked by a Doyle administration ever again was paramount in the hearts and Minds of those congregated on the capitol lawn Saturday….Cont’d

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Jerad McHenry is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying political science and journalism.  He is the current media intern for a Wisconsin Tea Party net start up: the Founders Compass