Motivations of Young Conservatives

By Jerad McHenry

Ronald Reagan once said that “it isn’t that our liberal friends are ignorant; it is that they know so much that isn’t so.”

People often accept the vague and cloistered conceptions about the world that the left promulgates until glimmers of reality strike them down somewhere on the mystical, politically correct high road to moral supremacy.  Often times, the culture and education system try to imbue such a construct onto young minds.

Ronald Reagan also said “there is a flickering spark in all of us which, if struck at just the right age, can light the rest of our lives.”

Today, in the face of economic malaise and international embarrassment, many young Americans have been awaken to political reality and are ready to work to restore morning in America.…Cont.’d

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Jerad McHenry is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying political science and journalism.  He is the current media intern for a Wisconsin Tea Party net start up: the Founders Compass