A thought on the GOP and Technology

I originally posted this on the GOP Tech Summit site but thought it may make sense here too.

Better use of technology is clearly of prime importance to bring the Republicans back to prominence but I have a few reasons for pause that we must overcome to fully utilize this technology:

1. Coolness. Do people feel passionate enough about the Republican Party to share their dedication for its ideals? Shilling for Obama was done en masse because “everyone was doing it” and it became the it thing for people to support. Does preaching financial responsibility, a strong work ethic, and being responsible have the same panache as empty words like “hope and change”?
2. Young ‘ens. As a young Republican myself I often wonder how many of me there are. I work in technology so I am heavily involved in web 2.0 but the reality is that most Republicans skew older so they are not the prime users of social networks, iPhones, etc. This is a challenge for our party.
3. Free Speech. For all the democrats talk about promoting free speech they are quick to vilify those who disagree with them. Therefore, would those that are willing to share their affiliation be lambasted by a liberal social circle. Speaking from experience, I had people at my house once desecrate a Sean Hannity book simply because they didn’t like him (needless to say they were not my friends).

These factors make using technology like the democrats do a challenge. We cannot simple ape or mirror what they have done. We need something smarter. We need something bigger. We need something better. This is a great forum to start the discussion but time is wasting, the 2010 elections will be here before we know it and before that happens the GOP needs a new identity, one that will embolden the passion of its base and convince others that the GOP is the party for the future.