Dodge for Obama?

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but Dodge recently started running commercials with a logo at the end that looks strikingly similar to that icon which Barack Obama used when running for the Presidency (you remember it as the one he painted over an American Flag to put on his plane’s tail). I’ve been looking for a screencap of the image but have yet to find one. Adding this blatant Obama-esque icon to their commercials in addition to its earlier campaign of “Yes we can” makes me wonder if Dodge is

a) Totally in the bag for Obama

b) Trying to play towards the 54% of the country that voted for Obama

c) Hoping to curry favor with Obama so the next bailout will include the automotive industry in addition to pregnant teens

The liberals are busy trying to stop the right from maintaining their hold on talk radio as TV shows, celebrities, and even companies overtly and subtly try to convince us that this iconography is representative of America today. This subversive attempts to influence the masses should not be ignored.