George Soros Plans His Attack From The Inside

George Soros is using sin to enslave others. Christ conquered sin and death, but Soros thinks he has declared a rematch by attempting to institutionally undermine the value and dignity of human life. Soros wants your soul. All you have to do is surrender to all that is immoral and dehumanizing.

Soros, billionaire financier, has been busy scheming ways to lower the standards of Christian values, from promoting sex and drug abuse to infiltrating the Catholic Church in an effort to spread a deadly, progressive ideology. And not just one church or one diocese. He’s going after Catholic countries and has reportedly even tried to buy off Pope Francis. All to further his corrupt, political agenda.

In September, Soros funded a pro-abortion march in Dublin, Ireland, where unborn children are protected by the Constitution. Not surprisingly, most of the protesters came from outside the country. Soros rubs his hands together at the idea of succeeding in Ireland, which would gain him a foothold in influencing other pro-life, historically Catholic, European countries.  (I wrote about Ireland’s fight here.) Soros regularly does flybys over Ireland before returning to his mountain and gold.

Poland also keeps watch and fights the fires of staged protests. Last month, a Polish lawmaker, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, proposed a new law banning all abortions and protecting unborn children after Polish Parliament struck down a bill to ban all abortionsA recent poll found that 58 percent of Poles support a ban on abortions. However, Poland is pressured from pro-abortion groups, the United Nations and others (like Soros) to expand its legalization of abortions. Back in April, there were violent pro-choice protests in several Polish cities. Poland feels the heat of the encroaching flames.

I see fire inside the mountain, inside the rock on which the Church stands. (Matthew 16:18 and Ed Sheeran)

Can a church withstand the temptation of the dragon’s gold? In April 2015, Soros paid $650,000 in effort to direct the narrative while Pope Francis visited the Unites States, including topics such as “population control, abortion, euthanasia, and homosexual ‘marriage.'” He’s also trying to influence individual bishops. Why go after American Catholics? They are a huge voting block. Soros backs crazy, nominal, fake, annoying, idiotic groups like Catholics for ChoiceCatholics in Alliance for the Common Good, and Catholics United in an effort to change Catholic values, so he can further his corrupt agenda. Catholics and other Christians stand in his way. Might he fool some of them?

Soros calls himself a philanthropist, awarding grants through scholarships and fellowships to students via the Open Society Foundations. On the Philanthropy / Open Society Foundations page of his website, there is a video on human rights. “Every person counts.” says Kemal Pervanić in the video. Kemal is a survivor of the Bosnian War. Oh the irony. The mission statement of Open Society Foundations is:  “The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people.” …Define “all people.” So tolerance of the atrocity of abortion? Hold Ireland and other European, historically Catholic, pro-life countries “accountable” for the offense of protecting unborn humans? He calls himself a philanthropist, and that is suppose to make him seem compassionate, a force for good. He offers education so people can have more opportunities and power, but didn’t Satan offer Jesus all the kingdoms of the world? (Matthew 4:1-11) Many would not have passed up that opportunity. Instead, they choose to sell their souls and allegiance to the Open Society Foundations.

Speaking of selling… Soros advocates for legalized prostitutiondrugs and “comprehensive reproductive” services (abortion), thereby promoting self-destructive behavior. “I am just helping them do what they want to do,” Soros will tell you. Right, you are, Soros. You are for willful self-destruction. How kind of you to step in and encourage women to destroy themselves. All those depraved women don’t want to be treated with respect and love, and you’re just helping them make sure that doesn’t happen–because perhaps you benefit from their mentality and indulge on occasion. If someone wants to be used in a profoundly dehumanizing way, well you’ll be the first to stand up for them. Soros, why don’t you give women better opportunities, security and education like you have for those black students in South Africa?

Israeli researcher Anat Gur studied the link between prostitution and childhood abuse and has questioned a prostitute’s ability to freely choose prostitution. Melissa Farley has done extensive research on prostitution and human trafficking in 14 countries. She emphasizes the violence and high rates of post-traumatic stress disorder that come with the trade.

One prostitute explained: We’ve all been molested. Over and over, and raped. We were all molested and sexually abused as children, don’t you know that? We ran to get away…We were thrown out, thrown away. We’ve been on the street since we were 12, 13, 14.

Prostitutes, human trafficking victims, children and unborn babies don’t stand a chance in Soros’ world. That’s a lot of women who aren’t those black students in South Africa.

Soros, you’re getting up there, and I’m concerned for your soul. I stand before the dragon, draw my Spirit sword and speak softly:

George Soros, you shall know the breadth of your transgressions and weep. May the Holy Spirit drive you to your knees in holy humility and utter repentance. To others, may your tears and trembling indicate a transformation and the presence of the Holy Spirit. May you have ears that hear only Him and a voice that sings His praises. May the love of God fill your heart and the fear of God pressure you with a sense of urgency to preach Truth and Life for the rest of your days. Amen.

In faith, I’ll be waiting for the news of your conversion which will probably be reported as senility. May you find comfort in knowing that though the liberal news media will report that you’d gone mad, I will know what is really happening. After all, Soros, you did tell your biographer, Michael Kaufman, “I am a kind of nut who wants to have an impact.”