EPIC: The UN and A Mob of Countries Pick A Fight With Ireland

May you grow stronger and more confident with the more and more enemies you have.
If alone, may you fight as though you are many.
May you use your size to your advantage.
May you carry a slingshot.


Ireland, may you be “blessed” to stand in the long shadow of the United Nations in the War Against Abortion. Aim for the forehead. You got this. The proverbial shepherd boy conquers the giant, and there are at least 12 more minions behind him. No problem. The boy soon sends them running through verdant pastures, tripping over sheep and hopping over stone walls. “Get your slimy, depraved arses off my land!” He yells after them, picking up and shooting more stones.

Earlier this month, Ireland made news when Justice Richard Humphries ruled that the text “unborn” in Ireland’s Constitution meant “unborn children,” and unborn children have the same rights as born children. BAM! This monumental ruling occurred soon after the United Nations picked a fight with Ireland back in May, holding a meeting as an opportunity to badger Ireland for not legalizing abortion. The U.N.’s Committee for the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) claims that abortion is a “human right.”

A few months later, the giant gets socked in the head. The shepherd rescues the newborn from the fallen giant’s clutch, places Him in a manger and bows before Him. By the way, the shepherd’s name is Richard.

And who are the slimy, depraved countries running for their “lives?” Canada, France, the U.S. (so much for being righteous), Lithuania, Macedonia, Switzerland, the Republics of Korea and Iceland, Germany, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Outnumbered, Ireland only needs to be armed with the Truth. Never underestimate the slingshot.