Border Crisis: Discernment, Not Just Sympathy, Required of America's Churches

Human trafficking Democrat style.
Human trafficking Democrat style.

This is the Oklahoma Conference of Churches Response to Migrant Children at Fort Sill

Before I begin, lets first look at the definition of the word ‘migrant’. A migrant, as in migrant worker, is someone who moves from one place to another to work. These kids are not looking for work. Let’s just be clear about that, shall we?

For a legal perspective, from the International Organization for Migration:

At the international level, no universally accepted
definition of migrant exists. The term migrant is
usually understood to cover all cases where the
decision to migrate is taken freely by the individual
concerned for reasons of “personal convenience” and
without intervention of an external compelling factor.
This term therefore applies to persons, and family
members, moving to another country or region to
better their material or social conditions and improve
the prospect for themselves or their family.

Those bold words, ‘freely’ and ‘without intervention of an external compelling factor’ knock these little kiddos from migrant status right quick.

It causes one heck of a Hillary-esque suspension of disbelief to buy the notion that a seven-year-old in El Salvador woke up one day and thought, “I’m going to make that big, long, dangerous hike to America. Alone.”

I’m calling bunk on that.

I find it highly probably, however, that said child, and others like him ranging from, say…four to, oh, I don’t know…17, had the help of an ‘external compelling factor’, aka, the Obama Regime and their own putrid governments making promises to mom, dad, or auntie that the American dream, apple pie, and a plethora of freebies were just one horrendously long and dangerous trek away. I could be wrong, but I’m probably not.

But let’s not split semantic hairs. The Regime’s media, and the church, say migrant, I say illegal. Po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to, right?

Where this issue is concerned I’ve been flamed for being a heartless conservative and a terrible example of Christianity. I guess I’ll have to learn to live with both because I’m pretty sure I’m right.

From the Oklahoma Conference of Churches:
“Many have been lured into making the dangerous journey by unscrupulous smugglers making false promises that the children would be given refugee status or amnesty in the U.S.A.”

These promises were made, in part, by our own government and their devotees down in Central America. Let’s be clear, this is an orchestrated crisis that has been in the works for some time now by a regime that came up with the sanctioned gun-running scheme, Fast and Furious. That they’d ratchet up their game and go into trafficking illegal minors for political gain isn’t really that much of a stretch, is it?

And while I do recognize that there is a need to minister to these kids, it is important that the church do so without also further enabling a very illegal and very inhumane agenda by our own government.

Humane conditions courtesy of the Democrat party. Prediction: Republicans will be blamed for the inhumane conditions. Wait for it...
Humane conditions courtesy of the Democrat party. Prediction: Republicans will be blamed for these less-than-stellar conditions. Wait for it…

I’ll say it again because it bears repeating…from the rooftops…with a bullhorn: this is a form of human trafficking. Period.

It is being said ad nauseam by those who know what they are talking about that this so-called border crisis is Cloward and Piven’s brain-child playing out before our very eyes. They are right. And the church better get up to speed.

Most importantly, since the heartstrings are the quickest way to manipulate, it is imperative that America’s people of faith proceed carefully so as to keep from becoming an instrument in the wrong hands. The church needs discernment on this issue, and fast.

The Regime wants this chaos, and they are banking on the sympathies of Americans to bring their grand scheme to fruition. It’s not just about a future voting pool, it’s about swelling the welfare rolls, which would be disastrous for this country on all levels – political, social, and economic. And Obama knows a bunch of illegal gang members, (MS-13 is equal opportunity, meaning they take minors) or a bunch of illegal adults being flown in and housed all over the fruited plain would go over like a led balloon. But kids. Unaccompanied minors. Even cold-hearted conservatives wouldn’t turn their backs on kids, right?

Well played, leftists. Well played.

Future Democrat voter showing her gratitude.
Future Democrat voter showing her gratitude.

There is no question that the church needs to be Christ’s hands to these children. But the church must not, in turn, become the government’s patsy by losing all reason and morphing into a big, altruistic gateway for amnesty. Christ reached out to the children, but He didn’t break the law, nor did he abet those who were. Ministering to these kids and maintaining our nation’s sovereignty will prove to be a very fine line, indeed. And how that line is to be walked, will be a defining moment for America’s people of faith…and this nation.