Obama and the Ft. Hood Memorial

As we wait with baited breath for Obama’s address at the Ft. Hood memorial, I’d like to exercise some presumptuous creative license and, borrowing from his historical (and vapid and narcissistic) Berlin Wall speech, predict what our illustrious leader will say. For the sake of brevity, all “uh’s” and “um’s” have been omitted.

Few would have foreseen that this military installation would be saved from absolute carnage by a female police officer in an America led by a man of African descent. But destiny is what human beings make of it. Let’s not jump to any premature conclusions. My condolences go out to the families. And now, I’d like to turn the podium over to Dr. Mansoor Farooqi.”

Seriously, what more should we expect from a commander in chief who, because of his disdain for freedom and all things military, has made it obvious he’d like nothing more than for our armed forces to disappear in a UN vapor trail…or, as his comments have intimated, in Muslim gunfire?

As if Obama’s very presence won’t be grating enough to the grieving men and women of Ft. Hood, the rest of the guest list brings tasteless, inappropriate, and unethical into the picture.

Mosque Leaders Part of Ft. Hood ‘Healing Process’ at Memorial Service

Leaders from the mosque where alleged shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan worshipped are on their way today to Fort Hood to attend the memorial service in a move some hope will help ease suspicion and anger between Muslims and the military base, still reeling from last week’s tragedy.

“Alleged” shooter? But I digress.

That this PR move by the White House and members of the mosque could be grotesquely reprehensible to the grieving families and soldiers goes without saying.  But it also shows clearly that Obama’s loyaly lies with terrorists and not with the military for which he is responsible.

In the spirit of tact, and national security, Ft. Hood should remain on threatcon Delta, which is the threatcon level a base goes to once a  terrorist attack has occured; that way no one resembling, smelling, or aiding and abetting terrorists would be allowed to enter the base. By the way, that would include, not only the members of the mosque, but our commander in chief as well.