My Short Conversation With Mary Fallin

I’ll admit, I’m not real savvy when it comes to Mary Fallin, but I can tell you she is the representative for Okalhoma’s fifth district, has voted in favor of Big Oil, voted against a Climate Change Committee,  and is an avid supporter of our military. And, at the Navy Birthday Ball in Oklahoma City a couple weeks ago, I got the privilege to speak with her.  Our conversation was brief, but very encouraging.

After I thanked her for her stand against health care reform, I voiced my concern about the Democrats and my suspicion that, being Democrats,  they’ll start to find (create) “problems” with how votes are cast or counted, or how elections have been grossly unfair in the past, or…whatever they can think of in order to get some sort of “Voting Reform” in play in time for the 2010 elections. (I left out the part about my being prone to conspiracy theories, but I’m pretty sure she picked up on it.)

Her reply?

“We’ll be OK, God is still on the throne.”

Now, for staunch members of the Armchair Politician Community, her answer might not suffice, but for anyone who understands true conservatism, her answer was spot-on.