Obama to IOC: I Am the First Black President Of the U.S. I Won. I Get the Games

Will Tepid Support in Chicago Derail the City’s Olympic Chances?

For the record, the headline should read, “Tepid Support in Chicago Ensures Obama Wants Olympics.”

To understand why Obama has added another leg to his “It’s All About Me” tour and flown to Denmark to pitch Chicago as the site of the 2016 Olympics despite the fact that the majority of its citizens don’t want it, one must have a working knowledge of how Obama processes public opinion.

In the Obama regime, ” tepid support” is considered “Unanimous!”, and the sentiment, “Mr. President, we really-seriously-not kidding-check the polls- don’t want nationalized health care”, is interpreted as “Hola! Bring it on!” (Or “Screw you.” if you pressed ‘one’ for English.)

Bottom line: Public opinion, in Obama’s America, is a non-issue, because, as our spoiled man-child leader has reminded us (ad nauseum), “I won…I am president.”

He probably calls, “Shot gun!” when he runs to the limo.

Using this rubric, one can see how Chicagoans grumbling about having their city become the trolling ground for foreigners who are mad at us because we abandoned the free world and foreigners who now love us…because we abandoned the free world, would lead to Obama sauntering up to the IOC to sing the praises of Chicago hosting the games.

Make no mistake, this has nothing to do with Chicago, pride in America, or even the Olympic Games themselves. This has everything to do with Obama and the amount of face-time he will get if the games are in “his” country.

Again, it doesn’t matter that a large segment of Chicago’s population doesn’t want the games on their turf; what matters is Obama wants the games on his turf.