Navy Retirement Shows Subtle Disdain For Commander In Chief

As a Navy wife of twenty-plus years, I have been to my share of ceremonies. Today I went to the retirement ceremony of a Navy Chief in my husband’s squadron who had served for 20 years with a stint in Fallujah. But his time in Iraq is not the point of this story.

Near the end of a retirement ceremony, certificates and rewards are read. Typically, the audience claps right after each award is read.  And that was the case today, except when we got to the reading of the Retirement Certificate.

The MC read the certificate:

“‘I extend to you my personal thanks and sincere appreciation of our nation for your honorable service. You helped to maintain the security of the United States of America with a devotion to duty that is in keeping with the proud tradition of our Armed Forces.

I honor your service and respect the commitment and loyalty you displayed over the years.

Pretty standard, but then he got to the bottom of the certificate:

“My best wishes to you for happiness and success in the future.’

Signed by President Barack Obama.”


awkward silence

…clap….clap….finally applause.

You could cut that 5-10 second pause with a knife.

Note to self: If my husband retires while Obama is in office, get his Retirement Certificate signed by a former president.