Obama Bails On European Missile Defense-Despots Happy

Dismay In Europe As Obama Ditches Missile Defense

Adhering to his policy of “If it is in the best interest of the Free World, I’ll do just the opposite”, Obama scraps plans to put a missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. But he softened the blow yesterday:

“We will continue to work cooperatively with our close friends and allies, the Czech Republic and Poland who had agreed to host elements of the previous program.  I’ve spoken to the prime ministers of both the Czech Republic and Poland about this decision and reaffirmed our deep and close ties.  Together we are committed to a broad range of cooperative efforts to strengthen our collective defense and we are bound by the solemn commitment of NATO’s Article 5 that an attack on one is an attack on all”

I’m not claiming any expertise on this issue, but this sounds a lot like we are pretending to stand by our “close friends and allies” while we appease the likes of Russia, Iran, and North Korea who are not exactly “close friends or allies” with anyone…except our own Democrat Party.

It might be prudent to get the Democrat’s “Put-Bush-Up-On-War-Crimes” camp up to speed on Nato’s Article 5, because, thanks to Obama’s stellar foreign policy skills, we might have to go to the aid of the very “close friends and allies”  we just threw under the bus.  And this could prove dicey since there is no telling who Obama considers our “close friends and allies”.  OK, I’m just being nice. I think we all know any nation that opposes capitalism, individual liberty, and the right to disgree with one’s governement is a “close friend and ally” to Obama…but not to the rest of the free world.