Parsing Obama's Cronkite Memorial-Media Slap Down

When I die, I hope someone who really doesn’t know me and knows even less about my profession speaks at my funeral. And I also hope that that person who speaks at my funeral will spice things up a bit by adding to my eulogy some well placed digs at his loyal followers.  Yep, that’s what I want at my funeral.

And lucky for Walter Cronkite, that’s what he got when Obama sauntered his self-proclaimed enigmatic self up to the podium to speak at his memorial service.  And present was Obama’s loyal media who, with wide teary eyes, listened dutifully as Obama castigated them for… being loyal.

“And this is how we remember Walter Cronkite today. But we also remember and celebrate the journalism that Walter practiced — a standard of honesty and integrity and responsibility to which so many of you have committed your careers. It’s a standard that’s a little bit harder to find today.”

Call me overly sensitive, but I’d probably execute one of those  “Excuse me?”  brow crinkles if I were member of his media elite and I heard this. But it gets better.

“We know that this is a difficult time for journalism. Even as appetites for news and information grow, newsrooms are closing. Despite the big stories of our era, serious journalists find themselves all too often without a beat. Just as the news cycle has shrunk, so has the bottom line.”

This is a difficult time in journalism only in that journalists have been banned from actually practicing journalism. Obama’s lackey’s in the MSM aren’t the sharpest crayons in the box, but they do know that investigating those ‘big’ stories and working the ‘beat’ would earn a them pink slip and a cavity search from Obama’s thought police.  And might I add that I’m pretty sure it’s not the news cycle that’s shrinking, but, rather, the collective kahunas in the news room.

“And too often, we fill that void with instant commentary and celebrity gossip and the softer stories that Walter disdained rather than the hard news and investigative journalism he championed. “

Yep, he’s got us all pegged with this one. We’d all much rather watch Katie Couric interview Lil Wayne, and see Chris Matthews throw softball questions at his own daughter than have a true, bonafide journalist relentlessly drill Obama about his health care plan or inquire of Barney Frank why his mother never fixed that lisp.

“What happened today?” is replaced with “Who won today?”

On orders from the White House, the MSM isn’t allowed to ask, “What happened today”. Guess the President didn’t get the memo.

“The public debate cheapens. The public trust falters.”

Translation: The public doesn’t trust you because you work for me. The debate has cheapened and it’s your fault. I will make you look as ignorant and unprofessional as I really am.  While you do my bidding, I will malign you, and you’ll learn to like it.  Keep up the good work or you’ll find a horses head in your bed.

“We fail to understand our world or one another as well as we should — and that has real consequences in our own lives and in the life of our nation. “

Well, at least he has the consequences thing right, but I contend that it’s the left side of this country that has a problem with understanding. Thanks to the hard-hitting and fact-filled reporting coming out of Obama’s media, America’s liberals think terrorists have a sensitive side and Obama really won’t pull the plug on Grandma.

“We seem stuck with a choice between what cuts to our bottom line and what harms us as a society. Which price is higher to pay? Which cost is harder to bear?”

So, I guess he’s saying that the journalistic malpractice that his media lackey’s perform is more profitable than actual hard-core, old-school journalism.  Trust me, that won’t last.  Again, if I were a media dweeb who had abandoned my ethics and jumped on the Obama Thought Reform bus, I’d be thinking he was getting ready to throw me under said bus for earning a few bucks by doing exactly what  his administration told me to do.

“This democracy,” Walter said, “cannot function without a reasonably well-informed electorate.” That’s why the honest, objective, meticulous reporting that so many of you pursue with the same zeal that Walter did is so vital to our democracy and our society: Our future depends on it.”

Key phrase here: Reasonably well-informed. Not “really well-informed”; not “highly well-informed”, but “reasonably well-informed”. The media, to their credit, has been Obama’s willing accomplice in ensuring that the bar never inches above “reasonably well-informed”. In fact, Obama’s media has worked overtime trying to lower the bar to “dismally-uninformed” because that’s what his administration needs in order to continue paving America’s highway to hell. And the only thing that can be said about honest, meticulous, objective reporting is that Obama doesn’t want any of it going on around him or his administration.

“He understood the challenges and the pressures and the temptations facing journalism in this new era. He believed that a media company has an obligation to pursue a profit, but also an obligation to invest a good chunk of that profit back into news and public affairs.”

Translation for this baby goes something like this: Media companies, like all big corporations with CEOs who make scads of money in this evil capitalist market, are hereby notified that they will be returning a good chunk (aka: all) of their profits back over to the government (aka: Obama) who will soon be running the whole shebang anyway. If this is confusing to you, think General Motors.

I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating: There is no loyalty among Democrats. (Actually, truth be told, I said there is no loyalty among Communists, but why split hairs?)

Obama’s media darling, Chris Matthews, didn’t know how right he got it when he said Obama was the last Kennedy brother. I just hope Matthews and his colleagues recognize the Kopechne technique when they see it, because not only won’t Obama save them when they drown, he’ll be the one who drives them into the river.