Open questions for redstate.

Hey guys – two questions for you. I raised this in a comment on one of Erick Erickson’s threads, and Moe Lane told me to “stop threadjacking.” Then I looked that up on urbandictionary.com, and figured that this is a better place for it.

1. How do you feel about regulating the practice of rescission? It seems to me that providing someone insurance for a couple of decades, and then dropping them when they file a claim, based on a technicality, is abusive. Although the quoted number is that this affects only 0.5% of customers, it seems likely that 100% of them “got sick” – otherwise their insurers wouldn’t have pored over their files for an appropriate technicality. Rescission adds directly to a private insurer’s bottom line. How do you get it to stop, without disrupting the insurance companies’ business model?

2. FedEx is eating the USPS’ lunch. FedEx is more expensive, but better, and went into business long after USPS was entrenched. Would you be opposed to the government as an insurer “of last resort”? It seems that, given (1), these people are totally uninsurable on the free market.