Entitlement Reform - is it back on the Table?

Democrats, again, want to continue the US down the road to Bankruptcy. It fits their Cloward and Piven goals to destroy the US as it stands and move it to a new Communist Constitution/Founding…

OK. So Republicans (this has ZERO to do with Trump, we’ve been trying for Reform for Decades) want to talk again about MediCare, MediCaid, and Social Security Reforms. The Liberals/Democrats and those that would side with them, of course, want to Block any Reforms and keep allowing Illegals to BANKRUPT the Systems at which time those Programs would then help NO-ONE! They also conveniently leave out how Democrats CUT MEDICARE (and I’m on it, it effected my coverage and Social Security coverage) as part of paying for OBAMACARE!!!

There is ZERO REASON why we should RESTRICT NON-CITIZEN’S ability to collect (or, at least to not collect fully). There is ZERO REASON why we cannot enact MEANS TESTING and give those with large Bank Accounts and/or other Income (PENSIONS) to receive less than others by having a TIERED SYSTEM. They paid in (those that actually did) and the promise of return should be maintained, but one is NOT entitled to receive 100’s of Thousands more in return than was Paid in.

And, For the Record, if you didn’t notice above, I myself am on Social Security and MediCare (have a Medicare Advantage Plan, another thing that ObamaCare messed with). I was FOR reform before being on the Programs, I am for reform still now that I am on the Programs, as it’s called being PRINCIPLED AND CONSISTENT!!

It’s like GM Retiree’s and GM Bankruptcy. My Dad (RIP) was retired GM and collecting a Pension. My Mother still collects Survivor benefits. We are GRATEFUL for their still being ANY BENEFIT AT ALL as GM, while under Bankruptcy, could have asked to completely eliminate unsustainable payments to people who are NOT WORKING and adding ZERO VALUE to the Production of GM Vehicles and it’s bottom line. Morons would rather GM go completely out of Business and too stupid to grasp they’d have ZERO PENSION rather than just dealing with a bit less a month.

The longer we take to REFORM our Entitlement systems, the worse (more harsh) any such changes will need to be made! We could have, and should have, insisted on it when GWBush tried to introduce Reforms. We would NOT be in the further degraded and ever closer to those systems being in complete Bankruptcy that we are today!

What will be the LIBERAL, and their supporters answer, to force TAX INCREASES. That is the only alternative: raise the FICA Taxes!!!! NO MORE TAXES!!!

Again, this has NOTHING to do with Trump. STOP the #TrumpCult (anything he says/does has to be great and nothing can be opposed) as well as the other pathetic extreme of #TrumpDerrangementSyndrome (and anything he says/does has to be bad). It’s time to discuss everything on it’s OWN MERITS!