Election2016: Michigan Recount

Obvious Voter Fraud took place in Detroit… You won’t hear a word about it on the #ENEMEdia…

If we’re going to be forced to have a RECOUNT then let’s be sure we have a FULL RECOUNT. If Jill Stein wants this recount to “probe for potential VOTERFRAUD” then let’s actually INVESTIGATE POTENTIAL FRAUD….
#MichiganRecount: #MIGOP (or, True The Vote) should SUE to force recount in supposed “ineligible” Districts (due to count discrepancies) as that “counts inconsistencies” may be due to VOTERFRAUD they initially committed by double running ballots in those Democrat Districts. By forcing recounts there, the Vote could would then be CORRECTED to actual/real (Paper) Ballots cast – and since these are all heavy Democrat (Fraud) Districts, Hillary’s Vote total would actually GO DOWN! Instead, the way the Law is written, initial potential Fraud is being protected! Hey #DUMBoKKKrats whining about this – HILLARY WOULD ACTUALLY LOSE VOTES (Trump win would be even bigger) if they recounted those Districts. #morons If there weren’t incompetent buffoons running the EDO in Democrat Districts that situation wouldn’t have happened that they are (foolishly, and with complete lack of any understanding what it means) whining about!
You will NOT see/hear one peep about any of this in the #ENEMEdia of the real FRAUD that was clearly committed in those Districts, as it doesn’t fit the Jill Stein imaginary Fraud they’d prefer!
How about we really look into these Districts that have Vote Count irregularities and see what VoterFraud may have occurred. Check the Paper Ballots against Machine Tallies and come to the easy and clear conclusion they were DOUBLE RUNNING BALLOTS (to run up Vote count in Democrat Districts). Let’s really check out and investigate all those who dodged displaying a VoterID and filed an “Affidavit of Identity!” Let’s randomly pull Ballots and Investigate the Voter for LEGAL RIGHT TO VOTE status, whether it’s a real Live Registered Voter, etc…. How about we check each and every Absentee Ballot to ensure they aren’t actually Legally Registered to Vote elsewhere but are still filing an Absentee Ballot here (ILLEGALLY) too! Etc…
In 392 of 662 Detroit Precincts the number of Ballots does not Match Machine printouts (and NOT minor discrepancies, they clearly committed Double and sometimes Triple running of Ballots FRAUD). The LAW must be changed! If Ballot Bags are properly sealed, then the VOTE COUNT should be adjusted TO ACTUAL/REAL BALLOTS not the clearly FALSIFIED tallies reported! Of course, they’ll just commit another Fraud and ensure the Bags are NOT PROPERLY SEALED and therefore be able to try and claim the Ballots themselves had been tampered with. There MUST BE GOP POLL WATCHERS at each and every one of these Districts in the Future. There from the minute the Workers show up to the Precinct and there to supervise the proper sealing of the Ballots!!OBVIOUS FRAUD EXPOSED IN DETROIT, YOU WON’T HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT FROM THE #ENEMEDIA….