Analyzing the 2016 POTUS Race results

Donald Trump’s (come back from WAY DOWN) Victory can be attributed to the following.
1) First and foremost, KELLY ANN CONWAY. Conway brought a (well, some, we are still talking about fly-off-the-twitter-handle-Trump) discipline, focus, 1,000% improved Teleprompter speeches, etc….
She needs to be made Trump’s CHIEF-OF-STAFF and keep him reigned in and in-line (as much as possible) as she did during the last days of the Campaign that she brought to the Campaign.
2) MIKE PENCE! For giving many someone to Vote for that they hope Donald Trump will LISTEN TO (as unlikely as that is) and help steer the NY Liberal (at his core, and natural fall-back points) to the RIGHT.
3) HILLARY CLINTON’S ENDLESS CORRUPTION/SCANDALS that even many Democrats grew tired/weary of.
4) Democrat cross-over votes. Enough Democrat cross-overs in the key Swing States crossed to tip the scales! Let us hope Donald does not recognize this and feel “obliged” to pay them back by endlessly “cutting deals” with Chucky Shummer as he’d hinted in the past he’d be willing to do!
Lastly, KEEP YOUR HATE COMMENTS AND ACCUSATIONS/VITRIOL TO YOURSELF. Whether you are a so-called #TrumpCult member, so-called #NeverTrump, or anywhere in between, this has ZERO to do with anyone’s position on Trump – but strictly 100% objective analysis.
As for the order: I thought long and hard about that list. If NOT for 1 and 2, there would not have been enough GOP Base Votes for 3 (cuz majority of #DUMBoKKKrats view “CORRUPT” as a PLUS in their Leaders) and 4 to make any/enough difference.