Who should #NeverTrump-ers Vote for? Think STRATEGICALLY...

This will seem odd, at first, think on it and it will make more sense…
STRATEGIC VOTING (like when Democrats meddle in our Primary Elections to give us the likes of TRUMP)…

Regardless of your thoughts on the POTUS Candidates it is important to get out and VOTE GOP down-ballot, as whomever wins the Presidency; now more than ever; we’ll need control of the House and Senate to provide Checks and Balances (yes, I know, the RINOs have given away the House (as in Home, not Congress) and not been much of a Check or opposition to Liberal Policy and Spending thus far – which is a whole other discussion).

I’m wondering if we #NeverTrump #NeverHillary folks should consider voting for Jill Stein. Don’t jump to SHE DOESN’T SUPPORT MY IDEALS conclusions… cuz she doesn’t…. it isn’t about that…. And then voting GOP down the rest of the Ballot.

WHY? STRATEGIC VOTING… Any/every Election is NOT just about that/this Election, they are not held in a vacuum, and is about long-term goals and strategy….

Giving the Green Party some more Votes and legitimacy might make some #DUMBoKKKrats (BernieBots / Communists) consider them in future (while, of course, we never would again) Elections. It is the same reason I WILL NOT Vote Libertarian EVER to lend it any (faux sense of) credibility.

Neither STEIN OR JOHNSON has any chance at winning. PERIOD! So this is not about that, so throwing away your Vote on someone (Stein rather than Johnson) can/potentially serve a greater purpose going forward. Voting Stein may help weaken the Democrats, Voting Johnson you will likely be harming your own efforts of getting REAL CONSERVATIVES (not Libertarian, Democrats) Elected in the future.

Whether you remain a Republican (and looking to help a Conservative for POTUS in 2020, or Conservatives in general for 2018 midterm Elections and beyond) or something else, diminishing Base of Democrats IS A VERY IMPORTANT AND VALID STRATEGIC CONCERN going forward!

[EDIT/UPDATE: Someone responded, on another thread, thinking my strategy was about throwing the Election into Congress by depriving Trump and Hillary, both, of 270 EC Votes. My response:

No, bcuz no-one is going to win any State but Trump or Clinton (I wish it could happen, but it isn’t going to, it’s a complete pipe-dream to delude ourselves into thinking otherwise). No-one is going to garner enough Votes anywhere to prevent that THIS TIME AROUND. But, if I am wrong, and Polling shows (in October) any chance of another Candidate taking a State, those in that State should indeed shift to that Candidate in hopes of creating that situation.
Hillary is going to win EC and Presidency in a Landslide….

My thought is strictly about reading the writing on the Wall and attempting to effect future elections by trying to make Green Party seem more viable and attractive for the future for Bernie-bots and then hurt Democrat Vote counts in 2018 and beyond. Just as CNN is trying to do by having Libertarian Townhall with Johnson/Weld hoping to lure more Republicans away to them making it easier for their Liberal/Democrat allies in future elections (they get this strategic concept).

In my 4 decades of working Campaigns and Elections it troubles me so that as DUMB as Liberals usually are, they somehow manage to get long-term strategic voting (like voting in our Primary, rather than their own, as a minor example) whereas my fellow Republicans don’t.]
[UPDATE 2: I’m seeing more and more JILL STEIN signs on Lawns that had Bernie signs. This is a good thing. And, to my point, if we are NOT voting GOP then we should Vote STEIN. The higher the Vote count the Green Party gets the more likely some additional Democrats may Vote GREEN PARTY in 2018 and 2020 aiding us in those Elections to get more REAL (CONSERVATIVE) REPUBLICANS elected (while some Liberal wing of GOP go LIBERALatarian Party)!]

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