Trump speaks to Detroit Economic Club

#Trump #DetroitEconomicClub
…. if only he were trustworthy, which he’s not
…. if only what he “said” … rather… “WHAT HE READ” (a prepared speech someone else wrote for him and he read from teleprompter) was something we could believe he “believes” from/in his core! Which over and over and over, he’s demonstrated he has a LIBERAL core antithetical to what he outlined today (like today saying “Isolationism is NOT an option” as opposed to his endless isolationism, Tariff threats that would create a Trade-war and KILL Jobs and create an American DEPRESSION not help the Economy, all previously during his Campaign). (and Trumpazee’s, please spare us the “he never said that” manure, countless Audio/Video proves otherwise)

Our only HOPE. An actual CABINET of REAL CONSERVATIVES who do believe in these/those Principles and Values.

“IF” he can stay on these Policy guidelines, rather than his off-the-cuff nonsense (but, if he can’t/doesn’t say these things w/o a prompter, it demonstrates they are not really his core values/principles), he might actually have a shot at swaying some Votes and getting Elected – whereas, currently, he’s on track to be TROUNCED in November.