With Trump (and his Cult), like with Clinton, "depends on what the meaning of 'is' is"

So, just how many definitions of words have the Trumpanzee’s had to try to rewrite, destroy, distort, twist, since Aug 2015:

Republican (as if Trump is one)

RINO (as if Trump isn’t one, lifelong real Conservatives with Principles that point to the actual planks in the GOP Platform (that defines what the GOP is and Republicans are/stand-for) are)

Conservative (as if Trump is one)

Contract / Pledge (mere suggestions, unless someone else breaks ONE other than the countless Trump has)

Liberal (as if real/principled Conservatives are really, not those supporting the most Liberal Candidate to ever run for POTUS as a “supposed Republican”)

Constitutionalist (as in the guy that never mentions it, is one)

LIE (as in everyone else but the biggest LIAR Trump are the Liars)

Fraud (as in pretending Trump U isn’t)

Flip-flop (no, just “explaining what Trump really meant”)

Plagiarism (no, that whole paragraph is just coincidence)

Porn (No, Lesbian scenes are Art. ALL MODELS DO IT – NOT)

endorsement (Conscience doesn’t apply)

NEVER (as in, the GOPe usual line, you must fall in line)

and on and on and on