How Dare We (the REAL GOP Conservative Base) expect Trump EARN OUR VOTE!

How dare I, or you, expect, actually DEMAND, that Don The Con EARN OUR VOTE and not just bow down and worship the Golden Calf… er… I mean… Haired Idol because he has an “R” conveniently by his name this Election cycle. The same Trumpanzee’s that claim to HATE the #GOPe Parroting the same old tired GOPe Party line!


They’re appalled that we want Trump to try and prove himself worthy of our Vote – since we were the ones who pay attention and know that while Donnie doesn’t have any real Core Values/Principles (see: Carter on Trump [VIDEO]). That he has one of two tendencies. To go LEFT (see: Trump on Today Show, see too: Trump on Trade, Tariffs, and Economic Depression), which he has done his entire Life/History (closest to being a real Core, his DEFAULT POSITIONS), or secondly to LIE (see: Trump has books to verify his words/LIES against, and even when his LIE is obvious and easily verifiable a LIE (see: Trump LIES again about Trump U lawsuit on FoxNewsSunday)) and pretend to be a Conservative (and in so doing, go so far RIGHT, saying what he “thinks” a Real Conservatives believes and wants to hear – like with his fake #PLINO positioning. Remember that, when he tried to pretend to be #ProLife and said that Women should be Jailed for having an Abortion? see: Trump exposes another pretend Conservative position (PLINO)).


How dare we actually expect him to list the folks he would choose from for #SCOTUS appointments. He did, and it was a good list, but it was immediately clear he had nothing to do with the compilation of the list and back-tracked (like with any/all his positions (Justices see: Trump already back-tracks on SCOTUS Justices list / other positions, see: Partial list of Trump Flip-Flops (as more are added daily))) from it – saying he’d add more to the list! WELL WHO? No doubt some Chuck Schummer approved LIBERALS that Don The Con said he’d “work” and “make DEALS” with!


How dare we want to have waited to know who he was picking for VP and that it be, at least, an 85%+ CONSERVATIVE! Then he did, and while Pence is not PERFECT (no thing as PERFECT CANDIDATE, though Ted Cruz’s RECORD, NOT RHETORIC, demonstrate him as close to Perfect… but, again, back to the point.. Pence while not Perfect) is a darn good choice. BUT, of course, and again, per usual, everything thing Trump has said and everything he does, he began to immediately back-peddle and less than confident of their choice in Trump insiders leaked Trump’s waffling and asking if he could back out of Pence as the VP Pick once it was out. (see: Trump already expressing second thoughts on Pence VP pick)


How dare we expect to hear who would be on/in his Cabinet! To know whether there is any chance he’d have a Chief Of Staff (say, like, Newt Gingrich) who might help save us from Trump’s normal Liberal/worse tendencies by trying to keep him in check and reminding him every day that he’s supposed to be pretending to be a Republican! Someone like Christie for (while a RINO, and wouldn’t want him for POTUS either, would make a wonderful) AG to go after Hillary Prosecution. Someone like Scott Walker for Dept of Labor (think Right To Work, for obvious reason why)! among others. (more: Who would comprise your Dream Cabinet)


How dare we demand some STABILITY and ability to demonstrate he can STAY ON MESSAGE (anti-Hillary) when over and over and over again he shows he’s more interested in trying to destroy REAL REPUBLICANS (PLATFORM/CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS) just as happened after the Convention. That the Trumptard demonstrate he’s learned a damn thing about Political tact and strategy. But, NO, following the Convention rather than Parroting the Trump Train Talking Points that Trump’s was a PERFECT SPEECH he had to go around still attacking Ted Cruz.
How dare we expect Trump who claims to be a Christian show some Humility. The guy who said: I have never asked for God’s forgiveness because I have NEVER done anything wrong! From the admitted Adulterer and serial LIAR.


How dare we actually expect Trump, the PRETEND REPUBLICAN, start to ACT LIKE A REPUBLICAN before we’ll consider Voting for him, rather than bowing down and joining the Trump Cult Celebrity Worship minions.


Notice the THEME with TRUMP, the Problem for the Trump Cult is that WE DID AND STILL DO! Notice how I provided additional links with additional food for thought and/or information.


For me, I remain, and will take a Hell of a lot of convincing, and probably a Miracle, to sway/change me from: #NeverTrump #NeverHillary #NeverEITHER #WriteInCruz
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