SCOTUS: Call it the Gosnell Protection Ruling. The Left defends the Right of any Abortionist to perform un-clean and/or un-safe Abortions.

When confronting the ProBabyKiller crowd, let no discussion go by without a mention of Gosnell. That is what the Left is defending in the #SCOTUS over-turning #Texas #WomensHealthInitiatives. This puts to rest the LIE that the Left always tells about wanting ACCESS to SAFE Abortions (they’re just about the mass-quantities of killings, not any quality of facilities and any dangers it poses to those seeking the Abortion)….
The blood thirsty Baby-killer brigade is out in force over the ‪#‎SCOTUS‬ ruling about ‪#‎Texas‬ ‪#‎WomensHealthInitiatives‬ being over-turned. Fighting for the Right of every Coat-hanger welding Abortion provider to do so in as un-clean and un-safe of conditions as possible. Same folks that defend Gosnell, to this day! And don’t expect them to ever speak up for any Woman who dies on the table at such “clinics” because Killing-babies in as large a number as possible far out-weighs any Woman who dies getting one!
The Story of Gosnell needs to be pushed forward in front of as many peoples’ eyes as possible – NOW! Leftists are defending others like Gosnell.
Further… OK, Oblunder ignores SCOTUS rulings re: Executive Orders and violating actual Law…. Then Texas has NO REASON to pay any attention to the recent SCOTUS over-turning of their Women’s Health initiatives (protecting Women, by requiring Abortion Doctors to have admittance ties to a local Hospital for when they botch an Abortion and put the Woman’s LIFE in jeopardy). The Left has ZERO concern for “Women’s Health” except to masquerade Abortion on demand, at any time, for any reason, by anyone with a Coat-hanger able to perform them, under a twisted definition of “Women’s Health” for those who have to LIE to themselves and others about their willingness to openly support/promote MURDER!
When the Federal Government, including the SCOTUS, over-steps it’s Constitutional Authority and purview, the States have a RIGHT AT NULLIFICATION!
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