The infamous Rule 40B

OK, we keep hearing so much about Rule 40B.


40B sez you must have Majority of Delegates (which should not be confused with the % of the Vote any Candidate gets in a State – Ted Cruz is the only one thus far to get 50%+ in any State, but that is not what matters) from at least 8 States to qualify to have nomination placed into consideration… It is like a POTUS General Election you win on Delegates or Electoral College Delegates…


WHO QUALIFIES? (as of right now): ONLY TRUMP


DONALD TRUMP has 10 States w/ Majority of Delegates


TED CRUZ has 5 (solid) States w/ Majority of Delegates plus another 2 with an asteric or open question(s)
Solid: TX, KS, ME, ID, UT
*/? being ND – Ted has Majority, but “Pledged” but technically “unbound” (so does that apply under Rule 40B is open question)
? being LA – Remember Trump is challenging LAGOP for “re-allocating” some Delegates under LA State Rules that may give Ted another State w/ Majority of Delegates but the information regarding final allocation is still in limbo/question!


So, Donald Trump has met the 40B threshold.


Ted Cruz is between 5-7 States thus far, needing (at least) 1 (if the asteric/question States go his way for consideration under Rule 40B) or as many as 3 more needed (again, to not “Win” State but Win States in a manner so as to collect “Majority (50%+1) of Delegates” of State)!


It is a little complicated, I hope I explained that well enough for people to follow/understand. I write this on Tue 4/5 which is WI Primary Day. So we’ll know one more State tonight with 16 other States (either Caucus, Primary, or State Convention to be held to determine Delegates) to go.


But, again, “bottom-line” under 40B, only one Candidate has met the threshold to have his name placed into nomination consideration at National Convention (in Cleveland) and that is Trump.


So we #CruzCrew need to keep up the momentum and win several more States – in order to get Cruz to 1,237 Delegates out-right, but if not over the 40B threshold for a/the Open Convention fight!


It is also very important to point out that the whole 40B Rule could become a moot point. Why? The Rules Committee meets before EVERY Convention to go over and can LEGALLY amend the Rules (not some secret shadowy conspiracy) just prior to Convention. Certainly Ted Cruz and Donald Trump will advocate that Rule 40B remain, if they are the only two that qualify under said Rule to have their name put into nomination consideration at Convention and desire to force the Convention to fight it out between the two of them as the ONLY CHOICES (but, not necessarily even so with 40B in place – as Votes progress and Delegates become unbound Delegates are free to cast Ballots for whom they choose and they could all on a Fifth Vote (for example) to say WE WANT “X” and all cast Votes for “X” – just like any WRITE-IN Candidate)!!! And, also important, Delegates deciding to remove Rule 40B is NOT AUTOMATICALLY A CONSPIRACY BY ANYONE (read: Establishment) to alter who can be put into nomination but could be a very earnest and honest attempt by Delegates to put the Rules back to what they were before 2012 saying that Rule 40B “SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN PUT IN PLACE LAST TIME” by/for request of the clear (1,237+ Delegate winner) nominee Mitt Romney! But, again, since the Rule is there Ted and Donald will fight to keep it.


Also, additional States Won (but not holding Majority Delegates)…
Cruz: OK, AK, IA, WY (won total of 11 States)
Trump: VT, KY, NH, NV, AR, VA, MI, MS, NC (won total of 19 States)
…but, again, what really matters to us now is just the States that relate to reaching the Rule 40B threshold.




Joseph M Lenard
“I am CONSERVATIVE by choice, Republican only by necessity!”


data source: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/republican_delegate_count.html

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