Liberal Donald again espouses the Left-wing notion of what a Conservative is

DT’s (who I think is a PLINO, still supports Planned Parenthood, and doesn’t understand that 95% of ProLife people wouldn’t go as far as he did with his latest Abortion comments about punishing Women, again bcuz he’s a CINO/PLINO/RINO and doesn’t understand ProLife or Conservative people) latest bumbling and fumbling and need to FlipFlip/BackPeddle, this time, on Abortion has again brought the questions to the forefront and time to review a Post I keep bringing forth from time to time for many years now…..

IMO, any question re: Abortion should be answered with this….. “I notice you Liberals in the MSM never ask Democrats about the Killing of UnBorn Babies! Since you are trying to imply Republicans are extreme, let’s discuss that… It is the Democrats’ position that is the extreme position… Take for example the issue of the ‘Life of the Mother’ … ProLifers, Republicans, reasonable people, want any Pregnant Woman with an “issue” to go to the nearest HOSPITAL where there are trained and Professional Doctors and Nurses, who swore an oath to DO NO HARM, and will fight for the Life, the Health, the overall well-being, OF BOTH PATIENTS… Where-as, a Democrat wants any Pregnant Woman that gets even just a mild-headache to rush to their nearest PLANNED PARENTHOOD office for an immediate Abortion so the Babies body parts can be sold off to the highest bidder!” ….. PERIOD! end of discussion… and if the MSM persists…. just do what Cruz did/does when they try and continually confront him about SSM… PUT IT BACK ON THEM…. “Did you not understand my response? as many times as you wish to ask me more questions on the subject – I’ll be happy to repeat my Answer… Do you think Women should go to the Hospital or to Planned Parenthood if they have Pregnancy issues?!?!” .

Kathy Ireland discusses how PP could not dispute her Scientific FACTs about Human conception and why she (due to the SCIENCE) switched from PRO-ABORTION to #PROLIFE:


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