Should there be stepped up Police presence in Muslim neighborhoods?

Regarding Ted Cruz and his suggested Policy to re-introduced stepped up interaction with, in, and around, Muslim Neighborhoods…

Like many things that the Left-wing MSM tries to belittle Conservative positions/policies, Ted (we) need to turn the issue somewhat back on the Left. My response:

“You know that those on the Left, as has happened in Houston and elsewhere, are demanding stepped up ‘surveillance’ of Christian Churches by way of demanding Pastors/Priests turn in every Sermon they give! And the Left is silent. How many recent Christian Terrorists murdered people in Jesus’ name? The FBI knows of some Mosques where the IMAM’s are preaching Hate and Violent Jihad. Islamists, as we’ve seen over and over, example by example, all over the World, are mostly hiding in Muslim communities in order to ‘blend in’ until they commit there acts of Jihad. Yet the Left refuses to recognize and act upon that. If you are dealing with the Hamburgler who is known to hide and act from within and around McDonalds’ – you don’t step up Patrols around Wendys and Burger King or especially not Pizza Huts and KFC’s!”

(An odd Thank You to ‪#‎GodsNotDead2‬, which I was watching the first early showing of when this point/position popped into my head)